Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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The BrandYourself Experiment: Week 2

Two weeks ago I started down the path of taking control of my name in Google's search results. For guidance in this endeavor I chose to use BrandYourself, a startup platform that guides you through optimizing your social network pages for increased page rank.

So far I have accumulated 1317 "points" using the three free links you are aloud to add with the free version of BrandYourself. This is pretty good as far as I can tell. There are very few tasks left to complete. The things that are remaining are either premium features (custom domain on my profile) or spam (sharing several profiles across social networks). The links boosted were my Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles. I also received a new profile as part of BrandYourself which acts as an aggregation of all of my social profiles. It is very similar to an page but with less customization. You can check out the profile here.

Now before I get into the results of my current search results I feel I should disclose a few things outside of BrandYourself that may have affected my page rank.
  1. I signed up for Google Authorship. If you search for my name you may notice that my mug now shows up next to results for this blog.
  2. This blog has been more active. More content... more results.
  3. My twitter activity has increased. Previously I had been using twitter as a means of receiving information. I am not sure how or even if this affects page ranks but I still felt full disclosure was in order. 
Now on to the results of the last 17 days of SEO optimization. If you will recall my previous results were quite terrible Only one link on the front page had anything to do with me. Unfortunately the first page results really haven't changed at all as far as I can tell. That is kind of anticlimactic is it not?

When searching prior to the SEO optimizations, only my LinkedIn profile was available on the front page. In fact even my LinkedIn profile was an indirect link via a link leading to a list of people with an identical name. I am still competing with a college athlete (who happens to be from my home state of South Carolina) and the son of Smokey Robinson. 

In reality it has not been that long and it can take a while for search results to improve. I am still cautiously optimistic about the improvements that I have made. I plan to give the free account at least 4 more weeks before giving the paid services a go. . 
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